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Promise of service
In order to create brand, improve our enterprise recognition and build enterprise image, under the spirit of "With objective of high-quality pursuit and user satisfaction", and the principle of "The most favorable price, the most considerate service and the most reliable product quality", we hereby make a promise solemnly to you:

I.Promise of product quality

1.we provide the quality inspection records of product and accessories.

2.For the inspection of product function, we sincerely invite each user to our company, to conduct inspection of the whole process and all the performances of product. And delivery will be packed only when product is confirmed to be qualified

II.Promise of product price

1.In order to ensure the product's reliability, we choose motor of well-known brand motor domestic and  abroad.

2.The product with high-end configuration,in the same competition conditions,  we sincerely provide the most preferential prices provide to customers on the basis of not to reduce product function, not to change the product components .

III.Promise of delivery date

Delivery time:we will try our best to fulfill the customers' requirement,if there is a special case need to advance the time of delivery, our company can arrange special organization production, and strive to meet the customers' requirements.

VI.promise of after-sale service

We promise solemnly:

1.Guarantee period is 1 year, and 3 years for motors. Free maintenance during the guarantee period (except for product without three guarantees certificate or valid invoice, and breakdown or damage caused by anthropic factor or irresistible nature phenomena).

2. Problems will be solved within 7 workdays after receipt of repairs information.

3. Users can consult for technical concerning issues via national unified customer service hot-line, and get clear solution.
Service hot-line: 4006 798 883
E-service hot-line: service@hk-lord.com

4.In case of performance breakdown during normal application, we promise maintenance service mentioned above. Additionally, our company will also execute as regulations in national applicable  laws .

5.During the guarantee period, we provide maintenance service which need be paid in the following cases:

(1) Damage caused by the improper application, maintenance and preservation;
(2) Damages caused by delivery or installation and dismounting without permit, improper connection with accessories or maintenance or modification by non-engaged maintenance unit;
(3) Product without three guarantees certificate or valid invoice may be referred to relevant national regulations or regulations of Spotless;
(4) Model No of three guarantees certificate is in inconsistent with that of maintenance product;
(5) Industrial quick-wear parts of the whole complete machine or components are out of the free guarantee period;
(6) Breakdown or damage caused by natural disasters or other force majeure (like lightning, earthquake, fire, etc).

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