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Enterprise vision


Enterprise mission:

Healthy life, make all the cars Spotless!

Company goal:

To be a global leading vehicle specified vacuum cleaner manufacturer; now and future!

Core value of enterprise:

"Pragmatism, innovation, integrity responsibility, mutual benefit " are the Core value of our enterprise.

Pragmatism is a struggle spirit.as Germany's high-end brand "LORD", whether the staff or product, we do not pursue a luxury and sentiment; for being pragmatic is the nature of life, realistic and exceeding.

2) Innovation:
Innovation is a comprehensive ability,which is the mutual combination and interactionquality of the mental factors and ability,Spotless master the key technology and mature market; well,we believe talents is the soul of the company, the company is the stage of the staff;how generous you are, how wide is the stage.

3) Integrity responsibility:
integrity responsibility is the company's core value, and it is responsibility, complete with the long-term development needs of company, individuals, brand ; Because we are responsible, accountable, integrity.

4)Mutual benefit:
mutual benifit is the goal and achivement of the company,the two factors complement each other and combine as one;life is not counted by the length, but the splendid moments, which lies in creation and enjoying the harvest.

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